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Payment Validation

Remondata will support you with certifying your payment system which includes Point Of Sale (POS) terminals, Mobile POS (MPOS) , Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Vending Machines and other payment devices. We bring long experience with EMV & Contactless certification validation for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover/Diners Club, Union Pay, JCB & Debit network like Interac, DNA, Pulse

All payment schemes mandate proper testing before allowing payment devices to be connected to their network infrastructure. Our ultimate goal is to ensure interoperability and to have an EMV-compliant, payment association-certified terminal that can perform trouble-free transactions within your payment infrastructure.

Our team of experts will support Acquirers, Acquirer Processors, Merchants and Terminal Vendors that want to validate payment devices before connecting to the major payment networks. We support our clients for the following specifications:

  • Mastercard M-TIP, contactless PayPass M-TIP and Mastercard M/Chip Fast
  • Visa ADVT, ADVT-qVSDC, CDET and Visa Quick Chip
  • American Express ICC Payment specification (AEIPS) for contact, Expresspay for contactless and American Express Quick Chip
  • UnionPay IC Card Test Guide for Acquirers
  • JCB Terminal Check for Implementation (TCI)
  • Diners Club International Acquirer E2E
  • Discover Network Acquirer E2E and Discover Quick Chip
  • Interac Terminal FTT
  • DNA Terminal Certification POS Pin Debit E2E
  • PULSE POS Pin Debit End-to-End and PULSE ATM End-to-End

Remondata developed a unique UAT test suite for Banks and Merchants that decide to adopt the new EMV technology. The test suite includes thousands of test cases, certified tools, and Brands test cards. Your business could either make use of our Validation Lab or we can partner your IT group at your facility for on-site validation.